Another Yo Yo Ma picture

By ayr May 1, 2014


Some of you made fun of my Yo Yo Ma picture the other day. I hear Azeb has a selfie, I”ll have to get my hands on that. In the meantime, here’s a picture Lucia took, it’s a bit better than mine. And it has a sort of where is Waldo quality. Can you find Yo Yo?

This event was in coordination with the Harvard Innovation Lab and Silk Road Ensemble the other week. We closed our mezzanine for the event, something we occasionally do for catering. It was an amazing event because they were pairing musicians with “cultural entrepreneurs” a term new to me. I realized food folks (like us) and musicians have a lot in common. They are both highly technical yet deeply intuitive arts. You’re working from the base of a deep tradition while looking forward to re-invent the future.

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