The only reason we’re able to serve tomatoes all year

By ayr May 2, 2014


Can you see the end of that tunnel? I couldn’t. I mean, this greenhouse went so far into the distance I couldn’t see where it ended. 44 acres under greenhouse. 2 buildings. No kidding.

Clover has been buying from Backyard Farms for years. If it weren’t for these magical tomatoes from Maine we wouldn’t be serving the BBQ or BLT sandwiches throughout the year. They’re located in central Maine, so while we’ve been wanting to visit for a long time it was just the other week we were actually able to get up there.

I really have no reference point for what we saw. Thinking back on it the whole thing feels like a bit of a dream. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a building that large, say nothing about a greenhouse. Tim, who started Backyard Farms with Ari, told us an interesting fact about greenhouses: you can heat them, but you can’t cool them. That’s why they’re not located down near Boston. That and I don’t know where you’d find 44 acres to put under greenhouse : ) Humidity apparently is the real issue. Up in Maine you can open up the vents at night and get rid of any humidity build up. This operation was amazing. The plants are indeterminate, and they grow to 60 feet before they remove them and plant anew. You can buy Backyard Farms tomatoes in your local grocery.

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