My first sandwich at Clover

By Lucia May 6, 2014


I always have trouble answering the “Where are you from?” question. My mom’s parents were from Mississippi and Texas. My dad is Iranian. And I lived in New York as a little kid, where my parents took us for Indian, Japanese, and Korean food before we could even form complete sentences. I spent high school eating brisket and breakfast tacos in Austin.

When I was first working as an evening team leader on the original MIT truck, I told Ayr and Rolando we had to do a Pimento Cheese Sandwich. As New Englanders they looked a little confused.

I remember thinking how magical it was that even in this era of industrialized food, there were still regional differences. The Pimento Cheese sandwich is familiar to you if you’re from the South. It’s a sort of cheese chutney. You can make it simply, with just cheese, mayo, and pimento peppers. We add dill, capers, ¬†peppers we roast ourselves, and sliced cucumbers. We throw on a big handful of briny pickled celery we make in-house. What do you think of Pimento?

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