Clover HFI update: structural work

By ayr May 27, 2014


Work is moving quickly on the Clover HFI space, soon to be our newest restaurant.┬áIf you remember HiFi Pizza there were 2 halves. This picture is of the half-wall that separated the two. One side, the one I’m standing in taking this picture, used to be a pharmacy with marble floors. The other half, the one that’s a bit higher on the other side of this divider, was a retail space before it was HiFi.

We’re working with our Landlord to take down that divider so that the spaces are more connected. This will require some structural reinforcement to make up for the wall that is being removed. I’ll post a picture when that is complete.

You can see the stairs to the right. And straight ahead is a big window that we’re going to use. It was boarded up and covered over previously but we saw it from the alley and opened it up. cool, hunh?

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