Striping eggplant in the kitchen

By ayr May 29, 2014


I’ve been trying to get into the kitchen to do a couple hours of prep a week. I’ve been trying this for a few months and just last week I made it in for the first time.

I got to work next to Artie, which was really fun. I just ran 1 hour, not enough to really help out, but enough to give me a sense of how it feels to work in the kitchen at the HUB these days. I worked cabbage, and cauliflower, and striped and sliced eggplant. Couldn’t help but capture this image of the eggplant. Really spectacular, right?

We stripe it with a simple vegetable peeler. We do this because eggplant is one of these items we sell year round, even though it’s not in season year round. And when it is out of season the skin can be really tough. So we stripe it which means that when we cut it up and fry it there aren’t any large pieces of tough skin to get stuck in your mouth.

If you ever want to see prep happening drop by the HUB at 1075 Cambridge St. There’s activity all day, but most of the heavy lifting happens in the morning. Maybe I’ll see you there : )

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