New 3pm Special: Strawberries and Cream

By Lucia June 18, 2014


We just got the word that local strawberries are in. So a big portion of Food Dev yesterday was dedicated to coming up with a way to get them to you. Ayr told us about the way he used to eat strawberries growing up. Take a berry, dip it in a little bit of cream, then into a little sugar. The cream makes the sugar stick to the berry, and you get a really lovely crust of sugar.

We were thinking of a way to serve this, and Ali (our catering manager) suggested we hit the strawberries with cream right before serving, and then add a little pot of sugar to the side of the order. I think it looks really beautiful. Kind of reminds me of a Kids Meal dip-em thing.

The strawberries are coming from Pascheznik Farm, Whatley, MA & Czajkowski Farms in Hadley, MA. 

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