WFM Packaging

By Lucia June 20, 2014


We’ve been puzzling over WFM packaging since January. And I think we’re finally getting close. We have a special challenge, which is that the food we sell changes seasonally, weekly even daily. Our labeling needs to reflect that variability. At the same time, for Clover food to be successful at Whole Foods, the packaging needs to feel cared for and alluring. Maybe even a bit expensive?

We’re going to get hundreds of thousands of quart and pint “delis” screen-printed with the Clover logo. (Those are the quantities you have to commit to!). We’re hoping these delis look really special, permanent, maybe even something you want to hold onto after that beet mint feta or pimento cheese spread is gone.

Now for the stuff that changes daily. We’re going to add stickers to the delis. Chris found a special thermal heat printer to make stickers. It uses technology that is just now becoming available. The ink is Food Safe. And we’re going to hack the printer a little bit to make a custom template. Our hundreds of recipes, which are all housed on Google (complete with allergen information, nutritional information, etc) will feed directly into that template. So when we decide to make a certain item, we can just hit print.

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