24 hours per day of Clover

By ayr July 8, 2014


I have a hearing today with the City of Cambridge where they will consider our request for a 24 hour permit to operate at our new spot in Central, the space that was formerly Hi Fi Pizza.

We’re psyched. I’ve always wanted a 24 hour Clover. I loved the original Tasty in Harvard Square when I was a student. Everybody who knows MIT knows that most of the campus is awake in the middle of the night. And I’ve always had sympathy for those who work jobs that require odd hours (e.g., airport) but can’t find any services in the middle of the night. And speaking of the middle of the night, the Middle East happens to be right next to our new joint, so we’d be expecting to serve more than a few music lovers.

I show this picture at the space. I think it was announcing the change in floor height that the HiFi space always had (and that we’re getting rid of to make the space more accessible for folks with limited mobility). Seems like every time I tell somebody we’re seeking a 24 hour license I get some sort of caution sign. Not sure why it’s such a bugaboo in Cambridge. I guess I’ll find out tonight. BTW, you’re welcome to join if you would like. The hearing is public and starts at 6:30pm. We’re last on the docket.

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