Brussels stockout

By Lucia July 9, 2014



I stopped by the MIT truck and asked Hasani and Mark how everything was going. The answer was; “Well, we haven’t gotten any death threats today, so that’s good.” What!?!

Apparently yesterday the truck ran out of brussels sprouts early. And it wasn’t good. You may know there’s a special feature about the MIT truck. It’s the exclusive year-round dealer of brussels sprout sandwiches in the Clover world, a deal we made when it was about to be taken off the menu last winter.

We’re really sorry for everyone who had a Brussel disappointment yesterday. If we weren’t able to deliver on your order, please come back tomorrow for a replacement. If you haven’t had this sandwich yet, you can find it year-round, 11am-2pm at the truck at 20 Carleton Street. We pack 100 brussels each day.

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