Square containers for Whole Foods?

By Lucia July 11, 2014

photo 4

The last time I wrote about food packaging we were considering round delis. I think we may be changing our mind.

We took a trip to one of my favorite stores: Capone’s in Somerville. Our mission was to find square containers. Capone’s uses square containers for their house made pasta sauces. I asked my friend Al where he got his square containers. He was nice enough to give us a stack and tell us the name of the manufacturer. He also gave us a quick tour of his production facility: sauce-making, chocolate-making, and a special place where the lobster ravioli is kept. If you were wondering, yes, his real name is Al Capone : )

We asked Matt from Arrow Paper to get us some square container samples. The supplier is a Canadian company called IPL. We filled them with Clover food. I didn’t love them at first. They reminded me of what I would use to bring lunch to school. They didn’t seem premium. But we’re going to give them a chance. I think they actually have the potential to be more beautiful than round. Also they stack better and may hold up to labeling better.

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