Shiso Lemonade

By Lucia July 12, 2014


Queen’s Greens is one of the farms that drops off farmshares at Clover. Danya and Matt specialize in greens.

One of the benefits of our farmshare program is that we get to know some of these amazing small farms.  Whenever any of them have a bumper crop, they can sell it directly to Clover and utilize an existing weekly delivery without having to go through a middleman.

Danya told Chris that she had some amazing Shiso. Have you tasted this herb? It’s got a crazy flavor. Like a liquoricey-grapey-basil. We’re making lemonade. Check with your nearest Clover to see if they made Shiso Lemonade that day. The really amazing thing about Shiso is that the leaf is half magenta and half green, and that shows up in the final lemonade. It’s magenta with a green rim on top.

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