Clover + Vecna

By Lucia July 15, 2014


We park a truck in the Vecna parking lot 8am-2pm Tuesdays and Thursdays right across from Alewife station. After some shuffling around of managers, we have a wonderful team. You may have met Petra, or Jackie, or Brett while in line one of these days. They’re doing a great job.

Megan from Vecna had an idea when we first got started. She has the coolest job (she’s the Chief Fun Officer, and she’s in charge of organizing activities for all the 300 folks who work at Vecna). For such a small company it’s pretty awesome to see all the fun stuff they’ve got going on. Mountain-climbing trips, cooking clubs, farmshares in the break room.

She buys all the food for the break room too. She thought, instead of getting grocery store salads delivered from Peapod, why not reach out to Clover?  So in addition to the food truck, we’re also making salads for the salad bar in their break room. These are hearty salads: grains, beans, roasted vegetables. No leafy greens. If you’ve been experiencing Clover at Vecna, what do you think? What could we be doing differently? Better?

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