Clover HFI model

By ayr July 15, 2014


So we still have some things to work out from a licensing standpoint. The previous tenant has what is called “pocket license” which is temporarily preventing us from applying for a beer license. And our hearing was rescheduled from last week to next week because I was late to the hearing last week (a funny story for another post).

But the design is moving forward, and I think John, Jinhee, and Taylor, over at Single Speed Design, are doing a bang up job. A few projects back I decided I couldn’t make good decisions with virtual models on a screen and we started building these physical scale models. We’re making a collection of them and it’s awesome. This one is a masterpiece. Doesn’t it look surreal sitting their on the old HiFi counter? Almost like it’s photoshopped in.

They made working lights in this model and a “cloud” array of little tiny LED lights (you can see them hanging in this picture). Those were made on a 3-D printer. We’re working with our landlord to replace the storefront with big panes of clear glass. We’ll have seating at the windows. And the kitchen will be next to the corner entrance.

It’s really exciting to see this take shape. I’ll post some more pics later this week.

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