Clover Central Square hearing moved to Tuesday

By ayr July 17, 2014

HIFI_Model Photos

Here’s what happened: we had a hearing scheduled to consider Clover HFI’s application for a common victualler license (an old Massachusetts thing that’s required for operating a restaurant). I was late and so our hearing was moved to this coming Tuesday.

If you’ve been reading you know we’re applying for a 24 hour license, a first for us, and I believe would be the only in Cambridge. There have been 24 hour licenses in Cambridge in the past, I remember the Tasty in Harvard Square was a 24 hour joint, not the burger place that took that name, but the original Tasty that was a Diner.

These hearings are typically on Tuesdays every other week. We get a notice of hearing, but not the agenda. A friend called for the agenda and we were told we were the last 2 items. While the meetings get going at 6pm, I’ve never been to one that closed before 8:00pm, and I’ve even had the experience in the past where I’ve been there the whole meeting only to be told I would have to return the following week because they ran out of time to hear my issue.

Well this past Tuesday I screwed up. I arrived at the meeting at 6:35. I had a manager meeting prior, but given that we were the last 2 items on the agenda I thought this wouldn’t be an issue. I was one block away when our Landlord called me and said “they are all leaving!” I told him I was literally around the corner. He asked them to hold the meeting but by the time I got there 30 seconds later they were adjourned. Crazy unlucky! So we’re up again this week. Wish us luck!

(picture is another photo of the physical model we’re using to prototype the new space. Corner entrance at lower left.

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