Are we employing more hens than people?

By Lucia July 20, 2014


Since we started Clover, we’ve gotten our eggs from Chip-In Farm in Bedford, MA. We love these eggs because we can visit the farm any time. And more importantly, because we can get them within days of being laid, as opposed to grocery store eggs that may be up to 90 days old. (You can tell they’re fresh because they’re a pain to peel. )

You’ve been eating Chip-In eggs if you’ve had the breakfast sandwich, or popovers, or Egg+Eggplant sandwich or platter at lunch. They’ve got beautiful yellow yolks.

We’ve been running up against supply issues. Chris was talking to the farmer. And he shared this crazy statistic. We’re now going through 5100 eggs each week. Chip-In has added more henhouses. But as we get bigger we’re going to need to search for a second egg supplier. We’re considering a place called Nellie’s Nest that combines eggs from many small family farms. And there’s a place called Pete and Jen’s that’s pretty expensive.

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