Harvard menu ughhh

By Lucia July 20, 2014


When we renovated Harvard Square in January, we moved from A-frames on the floor to this Fin. (I think it looks like a totem pole.) You might remember the A-frames were kind of a nightmare. These menus are much easier to see, they accommodate longer lines, and you don’t have to look down to order. But these screens are horizontal, not vertical. Which meant we needed to submit a whole new job from our programmers: to make our live menu display horizontally.

We’re still waiting on this job, so in the meantime I’ve been making static menus. I make PDFs. I throw them up on the screen via Air Drop. And honestly, they work pretty horribly for Clover, since everything is changing all the time.

Here’s my latest effort, incorporating feedback from our HSQ staff. I highlighted all the items that change in yellow. Sorry, Harvard customers and order-takers! Bear with us. We should have a truly dynamic menu soon.

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