3D printed light “field”

By ayr July 21, 2014


One of the ideas my architects presented for Clover HFI was to use “corncob” LED lights to make a field of lights. As with most of the ideas they have that I can’t picture I said: “sure, can I see what it looks like?” I’m really bad at imagining spaces that don’t exist. It’s why I need these little physical models.

They used a 3D model printer to print simulated lights. I’m including a picture here of the lights “hanging” upside-down off the ceiling. That is, the ceiling has been removed in this picture and placed on its back, so those lights would normally be “hanging” down not up. We thought the LED cloud would be a nice extension of the fluorescent clouds we started with in Harvard Square and have continued to improve through Kendall.

They made a little movie too. I like the effect. What do you think?

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