This is 24 hours Cambridge

By ayr July 24, 2014

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This happened Tuesday night. After our delayed hearing our application for a 24 hour license was heard and approved. That’s right. We’re going to open the first 24 hour Clover, and it will be the only 24 restaurant in Cambridge. We’re really excited. We’re used to unanimous support. Every hearing we’ve had since I started Clover and asked for a license to operate our truck at 20 Carleton St. has been decided unanimously. From truck permits, to zoning changes, restaurants, sign approvals, etc. But this one was a bit more contentious. The Police Commissioner, Mr. Haas, abstained from the vote after expressing concerns. He thinks we don’t know what we’re doing and are making a mistake.

He could be right. But I don’t think he is. I see a different future. I think folks of Cambridge and Boston are going to love having a clean bright and positive place to grab delicious food in the middle of the night. I think Central Square is approaching a beautiful future. As one a member of the community who spoke in support of our application put it at the hearing: “Why should we be denied this amenity [Clover brings] just because of fears that night club down the street is dangerous.” As much as I love Boston sometimes it feels like this City is trying to hold you down. I felt that as a student. Why on earth does everything shut down so early when we were all up late? It’s not like this is some big crazy idea. Cities all over the country operate at all hours. We’re the strange ones in Boston. I remember visiting Austin a couple of years ago and just being shocked at how free and vibrant it felt. Given these feelings I wasn’t optimistic that we’d be granted the 24 hour license. But here we are! It’s a bright day. I’m thrilled that Clover has been allowed the opportunity to be a part of moving our city forward.

And yeah, I know that Cambridge and Boston are different things. If you’re that person please don’t bother writing that email. When I say “Boston” I mean “Boston Area.”

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