Spelling rosemary in Chinese

By Lucia July 24, 2014


Shanshan is my communications intern. She’s originally from China. We were writing up the menu one day at Harvard Square. In the summer, as you may know, tourists flood Harvard Square.

We’ve never been quite able to get as many tourists in the door as we’d like. I think we just don’t feel as “safe” as some of the chain restaurants in the square. But I know that people would love our food if they tried it. And we have dreams of introducing hoardes of international folks to Clover.

We tried a little experiment Monday. I wrote up a little welcome message: “Hi, we’re Clover. We make sandwiches, platters, and French Fries w/Rosemary.” Then to the right of that message, Shanshan translated into Chinese. I can’t attribute this entirely to the message, but we did welcome in a bunch of Chinese students that day. Maybe something to consider for Clover locations with lots of international folks? What do you think we should do to appear more welcoming to travelers?

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