Thank you breakfast

By ayr August 2, 2014


Right now if you give us feedback in any form, even if accidental (e.g., through a review or tweet), we’ll invite you to a thank you breakfast.

I think it was Lucia who had this idea a few months ago, and we’ve been having fun figuring out how it works. It’s pretty informal right now. If you tell us something about your Clover experience, good or bad, we follow up by inviting you to the thank you breakfast. I host these once a month. We buy breakfast for those who show up and thank you for your feedback. I’m there and answer questions you might have, etc.

We’ve done 2 so far, so I’d say it’s still in the prototype phase. Some of the folks who showed up seemed  bit unsure about why we’d be thanking them (a few had very critical feedback). But honestly, everything you can share with us helps make Clover better for you and others. We listen to it all. And we know that it takes energy for you to share, so we really appreciate the gesture.

Tell us what you think of something, good or bad, and maybe we’ll see you at our next thank you breakfast. I’d love to get to the point where these fill the restaurant. (To date they’ve been really small.)

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