Enzo is on Food Network, Guy’s Grocery Games at 8pm Sunday 8/3/14

By ayr August 3, 2014


Vincenzo mysteriously left us for a couple days this past spring. He hasn’t been able to tell us much about the shoot, but he was selected as a contestant on Guy’s Grocery Games on the Food Network. His episode premiers tonight.

If you’ve been eating at Clover for long you probably know Vincenzo. He’s at the center of a lot of what we do. If you don’t know Enzo, he’s one of Clover’s first employees. He’s currently our most senior Restaurant Manager (Clover KND) and is set to help us develop the DC market this coming year. Enzo is short for Vincenzo. And Pileggi is pronounced “pee-legi.” Enzo’s family is Italian by way of Venezuela, so he has a bunch of interesting culinary influences. And like the rest of us at Clover, he’s a bit obsessed with food. None of us have seen him on camera yet and we can’t wait.

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