Why is it called Eggplant?

By ayr August 8, 2014


You know what this is? White and light purple eggplant. It means we’re buying heirloom eggplant from Massachusetts farms. Eggplant is one of a few items we serve that’s not sourced locally. Normally it’s shipped to us from South America, sometimes California.

But every year around this time we get to enjoy eggplant that hasn’t made such a journey. And it turns out there are all types of eggplant. It comes in many shapes and sizes. If you look closely you’ll see 5 slices of white eggplant in this picture. All of a sudden the name “Egg” plant makes a lot more sense.

Chris reported to me this week that we’re over 85% locally sourced ingredients right now. That’s nuts. And while we normally focus more of the hard stuff (hitting 40% local in April), this time of year is undeniably exciting for us all. Shipments are rolling in from local farms and distributors of local products. And it’s all so beautiful and delicious. Enjoy while you can!

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