You can call it the Massimo

By Lucia August 13, 2014


Enzo wanted to create a sandwich that celebrates 3 ingredients that are in season at the same time: red peppers, summer squash, and cabbage.

We’re jokingly referring to it as the Massimo. That’s Enzo’s younger brother. And it’s true: the sandwich is the slightly healthier version of the Enzo sandwich you all might have loved this winter.

Sweet, tangy pepper relish with lots of coriander, two slices of Grafton 1-year cheddar, thick-cut summer squash, and a fresh cabbage slaw with lots of parsley. Almost 100 percent of the ingredients are locally sourced – from Next Barn Over, in Hadley, MA (a relationship we’ve been working on for several years). The Italian red peppers are from Next Barn Over, squash from Next Barn Over, cabbage (when we can) is from Next Barn Over. And the cheddar is from Grafton, VT.

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