Own a Clover bench

By ayr August 29, 2014


Don’t worry, we’re not getting out of the sandwich business. This is a one off thing. I haven’t used our website to sell anything before, and don’t plan to make a habit of it. But I thought some customer may want a piece of Clover in their yard and stopped here before hitting Craigslist.

We have some beautiful picnic benches that used to sit outside of Clover HSQ. Now that we’ve moved onto folding chairs and tables these guys are freed up. We have 4 total but I want to keep 1 for myself, so we have 3 for sale. $250 each. Send a note to info@cloverfastfood.com if you want one.

These were made by a kid and his dad out near Worcester. Chris found them when he ran Harvard Square. They’re made with douglas fir which makes them heavy but durable without being pressure treated. They are used and worn and have a nice patina.

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