We officially have a secret menu

By Lucia September 3, 2014


If you’ve been by, you might have noticed Secret Menu cards. This is our unapologetic homage to In and Out Burger’s Secret Menu. On the secret menu you can find all the things customers have been inventing or requesting over the years. We don’t put these things on the regular menu, but we’ll make them if you’re in the know…

$1 Enzo Sample (large sample of any drink)
$2 Hardboiled Egg
$2 Orange Sparkle (restaurants only, pictured here, soda water w/splash of OJ)
$3 Side of Falafel (5 pcs)
$3 Mini Yogurt and Granola (bkfast only)
$6 BBQ Sandwich, no lettuce, add cabbage
$6 Egg + Eggplant Sandwich, add pickles
$6 Soy BLT Sandwich
$6 Brussels Sprout Sandwich (MIT truck only)

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