A sign from the universe?

By ayr September 9, 2014


It’s only 6 months after we decided to focus strategically on DC growth and not take any more restaurants in Boston for the next 2 years. And here I am driving to meet Jesse to look at a new space. We’ve signed one new lease (CloverHFI), have a second in the works (Back Bay) and now I’m looking at Longwood Medical Area.

We had decided that we would remain open to opportunistic sites, restaurant opportunities that were too good to pass up. And now that I’m looking at our 3rd amazing opportunity in as many months I’m wondering if this is a good idea.

Then I look up the intersection of Brookline Ave and Longwood Ave, so that I can meet Jesse, and I look at street view, and wham, a sign from the universe. You can try it. Pretty fun, hunh? Can’t figure out who is driving, but the truck looks great.

Have you spotted Clover trucks on Google Maps? Oh, and the space. We like it. Expect details shortly. We’ve always wanted a restaurant at Longwood Medical Area.

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