Loading dock graffiti

By ayr September 11, 2014


That’s our loading dock at Clover HUB. As we’ve been getting busier what once felt like too much space is starting to feel tighter. We have a standing meeting of our Corporate team Thursday afternoons. This past week we met over at the HUB so that we could help figure out how we can organize the loading dock for better efficiency. Somebody, Megan?, came up with the idea of drawing lines on the floor to designate a walk-way, and usage. This isn’t dissimilar from what many factories end up doing.

So being Clover we didn’t spend too much time arguing about where the lines should land. We took our best first shot. Made sure it didn’t cost a lot (spray paint cans and string). I expect we didn’t get it right. But that’s OK. We’ll learn what’s right and what is not. Then iterate. Try again. Learn. Iterate. And in a month we’ll know exactly how this should be laid out and we’ll call in one of those companies that does parking lots. One of our employees already told us he has a friend who does that sort of thing.

This is how we evolve quickly. We test ideas in a way that failure is cheap, then we learn from those mistakes and repeat, getting better and better each time.

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