Clover shortbread

By Lucia September 12, 2014


Ali, who manages our catering program, kept getting requests for dessert. Our policy on desserts is simple. We make the highest quality, most delicious desserts, and we only offer them on special occasions (Whoopie Pie Friday, cupcakes on employees’ birthdays, etc). That way no one gets addicted to having an indulgent dessert every day of the week.

Ali begged and begged us to think of something for all the folks asking for desserts for catering. Ayr said, what about shortbread? It’s buttery, delicious, it pairs well with coffee, and it won’t degrade in quality if it’s out for a few hours at an event.

Chris developed a beautiful recipe, and we’re playing around with interesting flavors: cinnamon and sugar, Aleppo pepper, lavender. Trays of these are starting to leave the HUB bound for catering events.

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