Hungarian Beet Sandwich launches, with late summer beets

By Lucia September 16, 2014

Local Food

Danya from Queen’s Greens called to say she had a bumper crop of local beets. We said we’d buy them all.

We’re going to run the Hungarian Beet Sandwich. It’s launching tomorrow. We ran this back in February with Michael Docter’s Winter Moon Roots beets, and we had a lot of customers hoping it would return.

A little history. Megan (HR Director) came up with this sandwich based on a suggestion from an MIT customer from Hungary. Megan researched Hungarian food and came up with a recipe we all loved. Try it, even if you think you hate beets. I know how you feel. I used to hate them too.

The Hungarian beet sandwich has:
-cream cheese dill spread
-twice cooked beets (roasted, then fried, not oily at all), tossed with caraway right out of the fryer
-toasted chopped walnuts
-fresh cabbage slaw with thinly sliced white onion and paprika

Click here to watch the training video.

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