You’ve been eating local…

By Lucia September 17, 2014


That’s Danya and Matt of Queen’s Greens Farm in North Amherst. They’re the ones responsible for the beautiful red leaf lettuce you might have had this summer, and for the beets we’re featuring now in the Hungarian beet sandwich. It’s been our best summer yet in terms of percentage of the menu that’s sourced from this region.

We’ll do another one of these in the height of autumn, and I think it will be similarly interesting. Great job Chris and the kitchen for securing these amazing relationships!


Cheddar Cheese (breakfast sandwich, popover breakfast sandwich, Tomato Sandwich, BBQ Seitan, Brussel Sandwich at MIT)
Grafton Village Cheese, Vermont

Eggs (Breakfast Sandwich, Popovers, Egg and Eggplant)
Chip-In Farm, Bedford, Mass (occasionally will substitute other local farms)

Milk (Popovers, Milk for your coffee)
Mapleline Farm, Hadley, Mass

Yogurt (Yogurt w/Granola and Fruit)
Sidehill Farm, Hawley, Mass

Potatoes (French Fries w/Rosemary)
Swazlawski Farm, Hatfield, MA

Peaches (Oatmeal, Granola, Agua Fresca, Lemonade, Soda, leaving this week)
Lookout Farm, Natick, Mass

Asian Pears (Oatmeal, Granola, Lemonade, Soda, launching this week)
Lookout Farm, Natick, Mass

Eggplant (Egg + Eggplant Sandwich and Platter)
Next Barn Over, Hadley, Mass  (will begin to substitute with CA eggplant this week when local supplies end)

Red Peppers (Pepper Relish Sandwich)
Next Barn Over, Hadley, Mass 

Cucumbers (Chickpea Fritter, Egg and Eggplant)
Next Barn Over, Hadley, Mass (will begin to substitute with CA cucumbers this week when local supplies end)

Summer Squash (Pepper Relish Sandwich)
Next Barn Over, Hadley, Mass 

Beets (Beet Mint Feta Salad, Beet Sandwich, launching this week)
Queen’s Greens, Amherst, Mass

Lettuce (BBQ, BLT, Heirloom Tomato Sandwich)
Queen’s Greens, Amherst, Mass

Tomatoes (Tomato Sandwich, Gazpacho Soup, Chickpea Fritter, Egg and Eggplant, Breakfast Sandwich, BBQ, BLT)
Queen’s Greens, Amherst, Mass
Lindentree Farm, Lincoln, Mass (will switch to Backyard Farms tomatoes from Maine when local field tomatoes end this week)

Seaweed (seaweed salads)
Ironbound Island Seaweed, Schoodic Peninsula, Maine

Apple Cider Vinegar (dressing for salads)
Dwight Miller Orchards, Dummerston, VT

Kochere coffee (from Ethiopia)
Roasted by Barismo, Somerville, Mass

La Trinidad coffee (from Costa Rica)
Roasted by Speedwell, Plymouth, Mass

Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, Westport/Somerville, Mass
Berkshire Brewing Co., South Deerfield, Mass
Mystic Brewing Co., Chelsea, Mass
Notch Brewing Co., Ipswich, Mass

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