George Howell Borboya 2

By Lucia September 22, 2014


We visited George Howell’s roastery to do some coffee experimenting. George had recently returned from a sourcing trip to Africa. He brought out this jar of honey he brought back from Ethiopia. It was like tasting a greenhouse. So many beautiful floral notes.

Starting today, you can try another result of George’s trip to Ethiopia. We’re pouring Borboya II at all our locations. Borboya is the name of a coffee washing station in Ethiopia. Many small farmers (with farms of about 2 acres or less) bring their coffee crop to this washing station. They allow the fruit to ferment on the coffee cherry, then they wash it. You might have remembered us serving Borboya I a few months ago. This is Borboya II, from a different “lot” of coffee.

It’s tea-like, light body, some lemon notes. We’ll have it for the next 3 weeks. Come taste.

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