Sharan stock-outs

By Lucia September 30, 2014


Sorry everyone.

We were shocked by the overnight popularity of this sandwich. The prep for this sandwich is pretty intense. We make the spread by skillet-searing peppers 1 tiny batch at a time. We cut, dredge, batter, and fry the cauliflower to order. We make up this cabbage slaw with tons of lime juice and cilantro one batch at a time. And we crisp up the noodles to order. Most of the labor goes into the spread, and it’s worth it when you try it. It’s sort of oily, but in a really fresh way. And super spicy.

If you’ve gotten a chance to try one of these, please let us know what you think. If you haven’t yet, don’t fear. We’re going to be upping production this week, so hopefully everyone will get a chance to taste Sharan.

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