9,000 lbs of organic sweet potatoes heading to Clover

By Lucia October 7, 2014


We’ve gotten to this really beautiful place. We feed thousands of people every day. So when one of our partner farms has a bumper crop of something amazing, we can buy all of it. It’s becoming a point of inspiration for our food development, and more than ever, our menu is truly being dictated by what farmers are doing.

So when Ray called Chris to say that they had 9,000 pounds of organic sweet potatoes, we said we’d buy all of them. And we challenged ourselves to create a sandwich that would celebrate them. And then we found out we could also get local organic cabbage, easter egg radishes, and Shiso.

Enzo came up with this really satisfying, clean, Japanese inspired sandwich. The cabbage and shiso are in a slaw, along with easter egg radishes. My favorite part is the topping: we make these deep fried tempura sesame seeds. And there’s a really savory tamari mayo as a spread. We’re going to be launching this at Kendall today at lunch, and then all other locations at lunch on Wednesday. Come by and tell us what you think.

All the produce in the sandwich is from Next Barn Over in Hadley, and the shiso is from Queen’s Greens in North Amherst. Basically a 100 percent local sandwich (except for the mayo, sesame, vinegar, and tamari).

Read on for nutritional information…

Calories: 512
Fat: 17g
Protein: 11g
Carbs: 78
Fiber: 12
Sodium: 786 mg

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