Brussels rising Wednesday 10/22

By Lucia October 21, 2014


Where will you be when the Brussels Sprout Sandwich rises again?

When we put the Brussels Sprout sandwich on the menu last fall, it unleashed Brussels Mania. Everyone dreaded the day it would retreat from the menu, and some people started to do some pretty strange things to prepare.

Some ate two or three in a day. Others, trapped without a Clover nearby, tried to recreate the sandwich at home. Some employees (I’m not mentioning names) threatened to quit their jobs if the brussels didn’t remain on the menu in some form.

When we finally pulled the sandwich in early spring, long after brussels were out of season in Masachusetts, a group of customers begged us to take their pictures with their “last brussels sprout sandwich.” It was then that we knew that the brussel must rise again.

Finally, that day has come. Chris, who directs our food, has been doing some sleuthing, and he finally got word that there are brussels coming out of the ground at Joe Czajkowski Farm in Hadley.

This means that the brussel is back at Clover starting TOMORROW (Wednesday), 11am, at all Clover restaurants. Where will you be when Brussel rises?

PS:  Brussels Sprout 2014 has a higher percentage of local ingredients than Brussel Sprout 2013:

-Sour Cream Dijon Spread
-Smoked Cheddar from Grafton, Vermont
-Fried Brussels Sprouts from Joe Czajkowski Farm, Hadley, Mass
-Pickled Red Cabbage from Next Barn Over Farm, Hadley, Mass
-Toasted Hazelnuts

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