Intelly Los Inmortales, El Salvador

By Lucia October 21, 2014


We’re bringing on a new coffee from Intelly. This is an El Salvadorian coffee grown on the side of a volcano. The coffee cherry was allowed to ripen past the usual red stage, and into a deep burgundy stage, which makes for a rounder, more complex cup. It’s a bourbon varietal, which is a lower-yielding, more fragile cultivar that tends to have lots of fruit notes. It was a hard year for this particular region. There was an outbreak of leaf rust, which caused damage to lots of farms in the area, but this farm was protected by its elevation.

We will be pouring this up at all our locations starting this week. Thanks to the folks at Intelly for putting together such awesome info on this farm. If you’re curious, here’s the whole thing. 

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