Squash sandwich, first pass

By Lucia October 27, 2014


Chris said his second favorite thing (after sour cream) is roasted delicata squash. At Tuesday’s Food Dev meeting, he brought in some ideas for a delicata squash sandwich. White bean garlic spread, fried delicata squash, kale salad with dried cranberries, and crumbled feta.

We loved the flavors of the sandwich, but the frying didn’t get much depth of flavor. We were worried about spending hours peeling and roasting squash, hence the frying idea. But Ayr reminded us of a trick Chris taught him for roasting the squash. We’re going to try this trick for round 2 of this sandwich.

Food Dev happens at 3pm at the HUB in Inman Square and is open to the public. If you’re a customer and would like to come, you can sign up using the left-hand sidebar of the website.

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