White-bagging it

By Lucia November 5, 2014


I found myself at the Martin Brothers liquor store early on a Tuesday afternoon, loading up their counter with cheap beer. At the manager meeting yesterday, we did a blind tasting of lagers. Coors Light, Natty Ice, Heineken, Budweiser, you may know these. Mixed into the tasting were some beautiful lagers from Jack’s Abby in Framingham: Smoke and Dagger, Jabby Brau, and Hoponius Union. We wrote down our tasting notes on each beer. Some of our notes were quite poetic: ex:  “reminds me of junior year of college,” “tastes like wet rice,” “Austrian nights.”

The idea was for everyone to realize that lagers can taste…good!

We’re going to be welcoming the expert lager-makers to CloverHSQ tomorrow at 8pm for the launch of Jack’s Abby Winter Seasonal Lager. This is a brand new beer brewed with Massachusetts grain. Come by after 8pm, we’ll have fried tostones and popcorn. Brewers will be joining to pour your first round.

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