Coffee: it’s a crop too

By Lucia November 13, 2014


Pete (the guy in the black shirt) wrote us a handwritten note about the El Bosque, the new Guatemalan coffee we’re pouring right now. He said he was really excited because, for the first time, customers in Cambridge are asking for a specific farm by name. It’s an exciting thing. It makes you realize coffee is a crop, picked by farmers. And if you have really skilled farmers, you can have really amazing coffee.

Barismo has bought 100 percent of El Bosque’s production this year, and they’ve been working on this particular lot for the past four years. Barismo only sends coffee to Cambridge and the surrounding area. No New York accounts. No West Coast accounts. This is on purpose. They want to roast a couple times a week, and send the coffee out in small shipments by bike so it tastes the best it can when it reaches customers. It’s Direct Trade, but it’s so much more.


Join us for a tasting of Barismo’s El Bosque coffee, a Guatemalan coffee procured via a unique Direct Trade relationship that’s existed between Barismo and El Bosque Farm for the past 5 years. Head Roaster Pete Cannon will lead the tasting. Your ticket includes 2 homemade donuts.

We’re doing two coffee and donuts events, one at CloverHSQ on 11/20 and one at CloverKND on 12/5. Click on the left-hand side of this website to get yours.

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