Jack’s Abby buying Valley Malt

By Lucia November 24, 2014


We had a Jack’s Abby beer launch last Thursday. We launched Lashes, a Winter Seasonal lager. If you haven’t tried it, stop by CloverHSQ. We have it on tap.

I got a chance to chat with Sam, one of the brewers. He mentioned Valley Malt. Some of you may remember us talking about Valley Malt back in 2010. Andrea Stanley runs one of the only malt-houses in Massachusetts. They take locally grown grain and create malt. Brewers then purchase the malt through a program similar to a CSA, but for brewers.

Sam told me that they’re buying 5% local malt from Andrea at Valley Malt. He thinks Jack’s Abby might be Valley Malt’s largest account. This was really surprising to me. The local brewing revolution is more widespread than I thought. You can find Jack’s Abby in almost every package store in the area. You can drink them at Cheesecake Factory. And we’re going through a crazy amount of kegs here at Clover.

[Our next beer launch is coming up on 12/4: click here to mark your calendars for the launch of Aeronaut at Clover!]

EDIT: Sam reminded me that the percentage of Valley Malt in his beer is not ALL the malt, but 5%. Sorry for the confusion!

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