Brussels sandwich might get a stay of execution thanks to Harvard Crimson reporter

By Lucia November 25, 2014



We work with two major distributors to get produce that we don’t have enough volume to justify sourcing directly from a farm. We were getting brussels from Czajkowski Farm through Russo’s, and then we started getting California brussels in instead.  Chris called and talked to the folks at Russo’s and they said that no one has local brussel sprouts anymore. So with a heavy heart, we decided to pull the brussels sandwich from the menu.

Meanwhile, Ivan, a Harvard Crimson reporter, was doing a story on the demise of the brussels at Clover. Ayr talked to Ivan, who talked to Joe Czajkowski Farm, who said they still had brussels!

Chris called Russo’s again, they claimed they didn’t have them or couldn’t get them, so Chris called the farm…and they have 140 cases, with another week of harvesting left!

Chris talked to Costa (another distributor) and they are accepting a delivery from Czajkowski Farm tomorrow, so they are adding on 16 cases for us to have. Costa said that they weren’t buying the end of his brussels crop because the size is all over the place, small as marbles and big as bulbs.  We’re going to look at it when it comes in on Friday (we’re closed Thursday) and make a decision. If we like the brussels, this may mean we extend the sandwich for a few more weeks.


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