New tank arriving at Aeronaut to hold Clover-bound beer

By Lucia December 2, 2014


It’s cool to see something in its early stages. When I was visiting Aeronaut, the call rang out through the brewery: a new tank was arriving!

Brian was telling me that Clover is going to be Aeronaut’s biggest account. So I can assume that the new tank will hold at least some Clover-bound beer.

A cool fact about tanks is that they have to be broken in. Beer brewed in a new tank absorbs more bitterness than one brewed in a seasoned tank. So you need to put more hops in a new tank to adjust.

Welcome our newest brewery to the fold at our Aeronaut Beer Launch, Thursday December 4th, 8pm at CloverKND. Brewers will be joining, live band, free popcorn, and a keg of A Session with Dr. Nandu.

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