DWR + Clover

By ayr December 8, 2014


I’ve always loved Design Within Reach. I’ve never been able to afford anything they sell, but I love looking through their catalog of furniture and lighting etc.

So we were super excited when DWR invited us to cater their launch of a new Boston Area flagship store. It’s where Crate and Barrel furniture used to be, on Mass Ave. We had a great time. And I got to meet the CEO of DWR which has recently been purchased by Herman Miller, which must be great for them both. We served from our truck, and had appetizers and drinks inside.

If you have a party you would like to bring Clover to let us know through the Catering Link. This was Paul’s first event as Catering Coordinator and he did an amazing job. We love working with organizations and people we admire and work with customers to make sure the menu and service matches up with what they are trying to achieve at their event.

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