I want my husband to say “my wife cut that tree down”

By ayr December 8, 2014


That’s Megan. She directs our HR and along with the rest of the leadership team she was out cutting enormous trees this past Thursday. One of my neighbors runs a Christmas Tree farm, so this year we got to cut trees that were only 12 miles away from our restaurants. We always cut large trees, Harvard Square takes one almost 20 feet tall. And my neighbors had some huge overgrown trees they wanted cut down.

In the past we’ve used buckets imbedded in pallets (I think you can see in a post from 3 or 4 years back). But now we have these really beefy metal stands. The whole operation has become almost slick. We know a lot more than we used to. But we’re still learning. I learned this time how to cut a really big tree using a notch on the first side, then a line angling down the to notch.

Megan wanted to do one all by herself. She wouldn’t let us help. Said she wanted that tree to be in Kendall and wanted her husband to say “my wife cut this tree down.”

Turns out Megan’s tree was huge. So it ended up at Harvard Square. Kendall has a smaller one. But Enzo, who runs Kendall and is Megan’s husband, can tell everybody that his wife cut down a tree even larger : )

You’ll find the trees at Clover HUB, HSQ and KND. They are all there now. And you might see me underneath. I’ve been working to get the trains running. Happy Holidays!

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