Clover leadership tour of Barismo

By ayr December 10, 2014


Historically trips like this have been haphazard. We have really amazing suppliers, and we’re really curious people. And most of what we buy is made at a place that is drivable. So we spend a lot of time visiting suppliers.

Lucia and Megan were thinking that we should start formalizing these supplier visits and create educational opportunities for our leaders and team members. I think it’s a great idea. So we did a tour and cupping with Barismo to kick things off. It was a cold night and we packed 18 or so people in Barismo’s roasting facility on Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington. Many of those managers had been working since 5am but you wouldn’t know it. Everybody was rapt. Well, maybe the caffeine helped a little. For many it was the first time they’ve done a formal coffee cupping.

Really fun time. Thanks so much to everybody at Barismo for supporting events like this!

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