Free food at CloverDWY in honor of…me?

By Lucia December 10, 2014


Lucia here. I was selected as one of Zagat Boston’s 30 under 30. It’s a real honor! My sister was also selected, which made it even more special, as was Thomas from East by Northeast, one of my favorite restaurants in town.

The Zagat folks in NYC said they’d sponsor a freebee, anything we wanted for our customers.

So come to CloverDWY tomorrow, say the passcode “Lucia loves Brussels,” (if you want to know why, simply type my name into the search bar of this site) and your meal (sandwich, side, and drink) is FREE! This is valid for the first 100 customers in line starting at 11am.

(Photo courtesy of Zagat, I forgot to get someone to take a pic. Also, Katrina and I barely made it to this picture because we were both waylaid at the oyster bar).

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