Blue Bottle Coffee: Mexico Chiapas Triunfo

By Lucia December 16, 2014


When I first started learning about coffee, Ayr told me about Blue Bottle, a roaster he had visited in San Francisco, and one of the first to popularize pour over coffee. He showed me a video of Blue Bottle making pour over, I think at the ferry building. They used tons of coffee, added hot water, and stirred it up in the filter as it dripped down.

Since then, they’ve expanded more of their operations to the East Coast, and they now roast in New York. Ayr and Chris visited the roastery last month. We visit any roaster we serve, so we couldn’t bring Blue Bottle on without a visit.

They’ll be posting more on their visit soon, but you can taste Blue Bottle at all Clover locations starting now. We picked a Mexican coffee that was grown in a UNESCO-designated biosphere, which means it’s been recognized for sustainable environmental and community development.

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