$10 is the new minimum

By ayr December 17, 2014


Nobody at Clover makes less than $10/ hour now.

We made this change a few months ago, quietly.

It’s really amazing we’ve been able to raise wages every year since we opened. I hope we can keep that up.

We’re able to do this because of the great work everybody has been doing, and because of our customers who seem to love us despite our failures and keep coming more and more often and bringing more and more friends.

Wage rates are a big topic of conversation right now. It’s a massive challenge, we’d love to pay our employees $20/ hour, but we know you don’t want to pay huge prices for your daily lunch. So we work hard on technology that can support efficiency, driving the most sales we can with every employee working, and investing in training and management to get the most out of the talent we’re lucky to have.

Lucia shared this article the other day that puts this all into perspective: 10 Best Paying Jobs in Fast Foods [Business Insider]. Check out In N Out at the top of the list. They’re still our heroes. Those guys are just amazing. Note that our lowest pay is $10. Our average for this coming year is projected to be something well north of $11/ hr for hourly employees.

We hope the increases help our employees and help us reach new employees. And we hope the higher pay will make each bite taste that much better to customers who know the food is coming from a company that wants to pay employees as much as possible.

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