Pushpir Party 1/14, 11am-1pm, CloverKND

By Lucia January 9, 2015


Are you coming to the Pushpir party on Wednesday?

This is our first and only collaboration with a local chef. Pushpir Bhetia makes the best Indian food in town at Guru the Caterer.

He schooled us on Indian cooking, and the result was the Pushpir Sandwich. The sandwich starts with a cilantro/mint chutney, gets a thick slice of just-fried paneer (fresh cheese), and is topped with chaat (an Indian street snack with jalapeƱos, fried chickpeas, and a spice mixture called chaat masala). We drizzle the sandwich with tamarind and yogurt.

The man himself will be at CloverKND on 1/14 from 11pm-1pm, and the sandwich will launch at all other Clover locations at the same time. We’re also making some Indian beverages you can pair with your Pushpir.


$6 Pushpir Sandwich
$2 Lassi Soda w/Sidehill Farm Yogurt
$2 Tamarind Soda
$3 soups, salads, and more

We’ll have a limited number of Pushpir Sandwiches. No guarantees we’ll have them after 1pm, so mark your calendars.

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