They were the first.

By Lucia January 20, 2015


Back when Ayr and Rolando were first figuring out coffee, they turned to Barrington Coffee. They tasted water with them, compared filters, learned everything there was to know about various types of roasts, and asked a lot of questions. Should we do espresso? French press? Pour-over? How would we source coffee? What type of coffee would customers love? Barth of Barrington Roasters provided tons of information, sometimes more than you’d ever want to know.

They settled on Casa Ruiz, a beautiful Panamanian coffee from Barrington Roasters, and featured it for several years. That was me back in 2010 at the Dewey truck doing a tasting with Barrington.

We’re thrilled to welcome Barrington back at all our locations. We’re featuring their Barreiro, a really beautiful coffee grown in Brazil. And we’re hitting our Brookline, Boston, and Cambridge locations with coffee and donuts events. There are 20 spots for each event, so sign up now!

Click here to sign up for a spot at one of our Barrington Coffee and Donuts events. 

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