Megan hands Amy Poehler a cup of Clover Hasty Pudding

By Lucia January 31, 2015


That was Megan after she handed two cups of Clover Hasty Pudding to the driver of the black SUV that Amy Poehler was inside of. We hope Amy got to try one. Megan is our HR director and resident comedian. She was beaming for many hours after the parade.

The parade was surreal. We assembled on the corner of Mass Ave and Quincy St. Next to us was a group of Harvard cheerleaders, Miss Massachusetts, the Duckboat, and a clown. We opened up the awnings. Amy got out of the SUV and into in a pale blue convertible surrounded by Harvard boys in drag. Brett started to drive the truck at 1 mile/hour and the whole street filled up with people.

Hordes of students crowded the truck with arms outstretched and ran alongside for as long as they could considering there were six-feet snowdrifts everywhere. One of them kept screaming “Me! Me! Hasty Pudding for me!” We ended up serving hundreds of apple fritters, 24 quarts of sweet pudding and 24 quarts of savory pudding off the truck and an equal amount at the restaurant afterwards. It was a wonderful collaboration. Thanks to all who made it happen. We’re considering putting Hasty Pudding on the permanent menu at Harvard only, in honor of of our across-the-street neighbors. Read on for more photos of the parade…



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